Whats the meaning of the word Cafune?

The word Cafune is a Portuguese verb that means “the act of running your fingers through your lovers hair”. It’s a very special word and it doesn’t have a translation in any other language.

Will I get a headache from wearing the pieces?

The classic cafes are made on a very flexible base, which does not exert any kind of pressure on the mastoid area, which is just behind the ears and where traditionally the narrowest part of the headbands rests. Their light weight makes them a very good option for those looking for a comfortable accessory to wear all day. However, depending on the model, we will use wider structures that can carry the weight of larger ornaments. These can be more adjusting and depending on the sensitivity to pressure of each person, can cause discomfort if used for long periods of time.</spanZ

Are there sizes for headbands?

The structures used are standard sizes that can be worn by children and adults due to their flexibility. For vines and other pieces that do not require a base, the length can be agreed upon or suggested depending on the type of hairstyle or personal preference.

How long does it take to make a custom piece?

Production lead times are subject to availability, with estimate lead times provided under each design via each of the on-line store listings.

Can I buy pieces that are ready to ship?

Yes! We keep a limited stock of your favorite pieces. You can find the, under the “Ready to ship” category and they’re available for immediate purchase.

Is it possible to customize a headpiece?

Yes! Most of the color combinations and designs of our classic pieces have been thought during the personalized elaboration of the pieces. Our clients enjoy sharing their inspiration photos, dresses, colors or ideas that they would like to make part of their piece. In each listing, you will find the option to personalize, where you can include any color specification that you would like to incorporate in the model.

To customize the design and any other element other than colors of our classic pieces, you can contact us through the contact tab with the details of your order and we will get in touch to discuss the feasibility of making the piece and agree on its design and price quotation.

How long in advance should I order my custom piece for an special date or event?

For brides or special events, with personalized pieces, we recommend making the minimum order one month in advance of the event (or hairstyle test) date for domestic shipments and two months minimum for international shipments.

Production time depends on several factors such as the complexity of the design, the season of the year, and availability of materials (which we mostly import). The highest seasons are the middle and end of the year periods. So if you have a preferred delivery date, do not hesitate to include it in your initial message.

What is the price of a personalized piece?

The price is largely determined by the amount of time (labor hours) required to make the part, the cost of materials, and the intangible cost of the brand’s know-how. If you have a budget do not hesitate to include it in your message to make suggestions according to it.

What care should be taken with a Cafune headband or piece of jewelry?

Must be handled with the same care with which they were created. Keep your accessories away from humidity, oils, alcohol and hair sprays, as these products will tarnish. When not in use keep your piece in the pouch or original box it came in. We love when you send us photos of your collections, so don’t hesitate to show us how you keep and organize yours!

Can the pieces be rented?

No, Cafune headpieces are not available for rental or loan.

Repairs and refunds

Please choose carefully as our designs are handmade items. No refunds or exchanges will be given if you decide you no longer want the product. If you wish to return items due to perceived faults or damage, we will request that the item be returned (at the customer’s cost) to assess the item and determine whether the fault or damage was caused in the manufacture of the item. If a manufacturing fault is found, we will repair, replace or refund the item. If it is determined that the damage has been caused intentionally or from mistreatment, no refunds will be given. The customer has the option to request repair of the item, all repairs will be at the customers cost. Please note that in interests of hygiene and for your protection we do not accept exchanges/returns of, or refunds on pierced earrings.

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