Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, Maria Alejandra “Male” knew from a very young age what her passions where, and how she wanted to create something great with them. Growing up she enjoyed painting, playing musical instruments, history, learning languages, and excelled in anything that involved fine motor skills.

Her parents were a major inspiration and influence in her keenness for jewelry making. They were pioneers in the countries textile and garment industry, importing luxury italian and american trimmings and buttons. They were known for their good taste and innovative mindset.


A brief history

With this background, Alejandra majored in international business and marketing. At 18 years old, she realized there was a gap in the hair accessory market. At the time, the industry was mainly focused on childrens headbands and/or bridal high jewelry. There was no in between for the everyday woman. And this is how she realized Cafuné would step in and solve the issue. As her school principal would always say: “Intelligence equals problem solving”.

Self-taught through youtube videos, trial and error, and observation, she developed a unique technique and distinctive style that soon became a staple, not only locally but nationwide and now internationally. She positioned her statement pieces as an essential accessory for graduations and proms, and showed through her social media platforms and cross-platform community how to integrate this historic ornament in an everyday life, and not just social occasions.

Her love for style, nature, beauty, antique jewelry, and product development will continue to inspire new creations and enrich the brand’s savoir-faire.

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